Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another fill :)

WaHoo.  Got a small fill .3 cc on Monday and it is great!  I have had 2 unfills this year and this fill is working wonders.  I can go from breakfast to lunch without a snack, I have a smack mid after noon, and I am not very hungry at dinner. Wow I always new this could happen but after a year I am at the my SWEET spot.  No BP's , no up chucks.  I think it took me that long to learn to eat slower and take small bites.  Until Monday I could take regular bits and eat at a normal persons pace.  I have slowed down, take small bits and stop eating when I have had my allotted portion of food.
I have a new follower, 68 and I am behind by 6 lbs of keeping up with my followers and lbs lost.  I am 1.5 lbs from being in the 170's.  I found some size 20 pants from last summer and could not believe that was me 12 mo ago. I am in a 14/12 and large tops.  I have a stack of 8's and 10's  hand me downs waiting for me. 
I tried on some swim suits in Reno a few week ago and this candy bar looks better with wrapper on!  Whats up with the elephant skin on my legs?  Oh well I would rather have that then have them filled up with fat.

I have not been able to comment for weeks. I do not know what is wrong.
I cant comment