Monday, August 15, 2011

I love my band

Had a fill Friday .3 cc. bring me to 10.5 cc in my 11 cc realize band. My PA said we could go more than 11 cc carefully.  I am loving this fill. I have learned in the past 15 mo to slow down eating or my band will let me know. So by listening to her(the band) I am eating slower and much less than 4 days ago.  I did up chuck last night but it was my own dam fault.  Had to have just   one two more jalapeno pepper popper.  not a good thing to bring up.  I love poppers so I grew my own peppers this year and if I want them then I have to make them myself.  Helps to make the decision to eat them or not when I cant just go to the freezer and get them.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I ate 3 pieces of pizza

Thad's right last night I had 3 pieces of pizza, thin crust but just the same 3!  I had a whole egg sandwich the other day and I can eat like their is no tomorrow.  Sooooooooo I called for a fill and turned down a appointment for tomorrow because I have a big party to go to (lots of good food) and I had a fill last year on the day of this same party.  i made an appointment for 2 weeks and after hanging up the phone I had to ask myself WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?  I wanted to eat all the good food tomorrow night and wait for the fill I know I need,  so I called back and took the Friday appointment.  NSV for me. 

I am still studying (HeeHee) the couch to 3 miles program.  I will do it. Just not sure what I am waiting for.  The exercise fairy to zap me with her wand, Oh is that Reeger? ( my PA) I am going to have to come clean tomorrow with my lack of exercise ( walking 1-3 time a week for 20-30 min)  Please fairy come see me.