Monday, December 19, 2011

I found your commits

My last few blogs had no commits and I just thought well that's what happens when you do not commit and keep in touch. But I saw Lap Band Gal and she said she liked my post.  Well I found them today, I am not out of the loop.  Thanks for the support. On word!
I did not get a fill on the 9th, go figure the old band girl tightened up on me. I rescheduled but I am at a really good spot right now.  Probably the best ever. I can still eat anything but finally only small amounts.  Hungry about every 3 hours.  And making better food choices.  I did try eat a Sees candy after dinner last night, no way, my band was having nothing to do with that. Weehee.  It is amazing that in just 3 days of watching what I eat I lost a lb. this morning.  I did get my blood work done today, thought I would wait unit I was taking my vitamins for a while but it is what it is with no vitamins. I will see what I am short on and take care of it. 
Oh the exercise.........I will get there.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

blog to myself

Hey Chris, you can do this. and only you can.  you know that Sees candy is not what you should be eating.  At one time you did exercise and enjoyed it, why are you not doing it now?  What is the hold up? You don't like gyms, so find a class you love to dance, do your Wii Just Dance.  Put your tennies under your desk again as a reminder to walk.  So you got on the scale today and had gained 3 lbs, are you surprised? No,  Lets see cookies at work, that Sees, cocktails with friends, snacking on cheese crackers, smoky cheese.
You need do do your blood work what are you waiting for? Oh haven't be taking your vitamins, so start today.
i noticed your size 12 pants are little tight, do you really want to have to go back to the 14's? I did not think so.  How about all those cute 8's and 10's you have in that other room, wont it be nice to fit in them.  Just get rid of all the big close, all of them, the big sweater and shirts you like to wear, be gone with them and never look back, never!!!
You have lost 62 lbs, that's a lot, the most you have ever lost at one time. 38 to go to get to your goal.  I know you have never reached a goal weight in your life. It is scary, not sure why. Look at your swimming pool and think of your self in a cute swim suit next summer. You have your son Kyles wedding in July.  A nice size 8 dress would be great.  What to do about the skin?  Don't know.
Keep going you can do this, get healthy for your grandkid all 7 of them. I now you want to hike with your granddaughter, start now she would love it and all those grand sons, you want to keep up right? Work you band and quit acting like you are on maintenance, you have a ways to go.  And watch the cocktails the holiday they are not good for you.  and drink your water and count calories. Just a reminder, love your self and eat well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 mo. out from surgery, how far can I push my band?

I am not a good Blogger but each time I come back and read your Blogs I am inspired again.  I just got a new droid phone and hope to stay in touch more often.  So many for you are doing so well with your wt loss I am jealous.
My delima, I wish I could just ignore how much I have in my band but I cant.  I am at 10.5cc in my 11cc realize band.  No wt loss in months.  I have some PBs that are totally my fault but most of the time I can eat anything, all meat, bread, pizza, pasta. And that is regular bit sizes not tinny ones.  My portions are smaller and I follow the rules most of the time.  I drink 60 to 70 oz. of water a day, very little actual exercise, I stay busy and active on the week ends.  I know I can do more but...............I want to push my band a little more.  I want to not be able to eat bread and pizza. I want to have to slow down eating and take small bites.  I all so know its about hunger control. I do get hungry about ever2 1/2 hours to 3 and that's not bad.  It is all different on each day.
I have a appointment Friday for a fill, what to do.