Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have been hungry for weeks. had my 1st follow up on Monday and was told Yep that's how it will be until the fills start. What the crap, did I miss this part in all the appointments and reading I had before surgery? I really thought maybe the band had slipped or something else was wrong. I can eat way more than the egg size poach I was told i had. I was feeling really disappointed, angry*******************.BLAH, BLAH OK, better. 1st fill in 2 weeks, yippee. is this going to make much difference? of course I am eating regular(low fat) food with out any problem. will this change with the fill? I am totally confused and feeling really stupid. Going to a support meeting tonight, poor people.


Bonnie said...

I'd definitely be in your shoes if I hadn't been reading blogs for the past 6 months. Unfortunately, it may take you a couple of fills before you feel restriction. You are now what is called "bandster hell" which is that time period when you have the band, but no restriction. Sorry. :(

Jenny said...

The fills seem to take a while, but everyone is different. Take it easy after the first fill!