Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I said I am going to match my followers with weight loss in pounds.  That was at 58 followers and then 60 and I got to 60 last week and now I have 67 followers.  I am loving it.  Thanks to all my followers.  i have to step up my exercise.  One year anniversary is coming soon.

I have a job interview on Friday.  I have hated my job for some time and after 11 years and no raise for over 4 years and losing sick time some holiday pay, it is time for me to move on.  Change is hard and my husband is getting a little wigged out/insecure  with all the changes in me this last year since I got my band, lost weight and had my nose pierced.  And now a possible job change.  Did I say the job is grave yard?  i have never worked grave yard but I am definitely a night person so I am sure I will adjust well.

OK I just went for a walk in the middle of the post and I have to laugh at myself.  I was walking by a construction site and found myself holding in my stomach, that just cracks me up that i did that.

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Annie said...

Add me to your list of followers! I too, am hoping to match followers for pounds- I have a few pounds to make up to get there!!

Looking forward to reading all about you.