Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I need to take my vitamins

Thanks for the reminder from Lapband gal about taking vitamins.  I have been feeling really tired lately and I realize have not taken ANY vitamins in a few months. Eak!  So I just ordered a new supply of Iron, calcium, D,  B-1 & 12, Iron and omega 3.  I have lots of Multi already.  And once again I have added a  protein drink to my morning routine and guess what............I have lost 1.5 lbs this last week. I always lose when I up my protein. 
i am down 64 lbs and in a size 12 with a big muffin top :(.  My body is so different from the last time I was this wt about 15 years ago. I have an old lady butt, flat.  Boobs are longer and legs are skinnier and my middle is well a big muffin top.  What happen to my pear shape I had all my life? Its like I have turned up side down.

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Cat said...

I'm a firm believer in the power of protein but also balanced nutrition. Great job on getting your vitamins.