Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alls good in band camp

My last fill has been great. I am eating very little and not getting hungry. I have an appointment next week for a fill, how do I know if I need it or can handle it? I just went behind my office an picked a handful of blackberry's. Very Yummy. Cant wait to go to our family cabin on Friday. This is my most favorite place in the world. It is on the salmon river in Klamath National Forest. We have 100 acers of beautiful land. My sons and grand kids are coming too. I will post pics next week maybe even some of me. And we will be spending a day at Mathews Creek, the best swimming hole in the land. When I die I want my ashes to go into Mathews creek so I can swim forever.


amandakiska said...

If a cup of food keeps you full for 4 hours or so, you probably don't need a fill.

Have a fun weekend!

Debi said...

I agree with Amanda, if you are doing fine with your current Fill, you should maybe change your Appointment to a later date???

Thanks for your comment on my blog. We will be in Medford by 4 pm on the 22nd, and would love it if you could meet us for an early Dinner before your meeting, or for Drinks after??? Let me know if this is possible.

Bonnie said...

Glad things are going well. Agree with Amanda and Debi.

Lap Band Gal said...

Hi! Thx for the comment on my blog. How interesting that you may not need a fill...yay for the sweet spot! It took awhile to get there. If you end up cancelling your appt, please let me know :) So maybe I can grab that appt slot. Have a great day!