Friday, December 17, 2010

only 1.5 lbs to go to have lost 50lbs

OK, I should be at the 50 lb down by now, but.................I will make by Christmas. That is my gift to myself to be at that goal. I better get off my butt and move. One of my drivers gave me a box of See's candy today. I am not going to open it (until I am at 1/2 way, 51 lost.) I wont open it, I wont, I wont. I have been cooking like crazy. Apple pie, tamales,carmel corn,tacos, Hot apple pie(Booze), biscuts, usually if I cook it I do not eat much of it. So my co workers are loving it, I bring it to them. Merry Christmas


Lap Band Gal said...

you can do it! :)

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

You're sooo almost there - you can do it!!

Lap Band Gal said...

Happy New Year :) Are you going to be at the Medford support group on 1/26? I will be. Maybe I will see you there.