Thursday, August 11, 2011

I ate 3 pieces of pizza

Thad's right last night I had 3 pieces of pizza, thin crust but just the same 3!  I had a whole egg sandwich the other day and I can eat like their is no tomorrow.  Sooooooooo I called for a fill and turned down a appointment for tomorrow because I have a big party to go to (lots of good food) and I had a fill last year on the day of this same party.  i made an appointment for 2 weeks and after hanging up the phone I had to ask myself WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?  I wanted to eat all the good food tomorrow night and wait for the fill I know I need,  so I called back and took the Friday appointment.  NSV for me. 

I am still studying (HeeHee) the couch to 3 miles program.  I will do it. Just not sure what I am waiting for.  The exercise fairy to zap me with her wand, Oh is that Reeger? ( my PA) I am going to have to come clean tomorrow with my lack of exercise ( walking 1-3 time a week for 20-30 min)  Please fairy come see me.


Robin said...

So glad you are keeping the earlier appointment. The party is precisely why you need the fill appointment. It's that kind of "stinking thinking" that got us to the point of needing surgery in the first place. Good for you for doing the right thing!

Lap Band Gal said...

I just cancelled my appt for tues 8/16 1130 am...perhaps you can get that appt with Reeger? good luck